Riff Schlitz and his Magic Squares


Watch the Pros at Work!!

Mitch Watley and J. Ewin' have a whole 'nuther bag for you to nibble on! Hear the 'Button-Fly Boys' rip it up as they stumble through this staggering set of songs, strippin' 'em down to their stark nakedness, and turnin' 'em into true grit country/soul classics!

This extremely special, rare and deluxe edition is limited to only 100 scarce copies (approx. 40 left)! Each one comes hand-crafted by one of the creators (or someone else they know) and numbered for unique authenticity! This sprawling collection covers 20 songs, spanning 2 discs, and totals over 80 minutes of music! The price is a mere 10 measely beans (a can't miss long-term investment), of which you could surely hock for a whole lot more if'n you need some bread, or just a general possession exorcism at some point down the road!

BUY NOW – THINK LATER...this is one purchase you probably won't regret!!


And His Magic Squares

disc 1
Tonight, I'll Be Stayin' Here With You (7.5mb)
See Me When You Can (8 mb)

disc 2
Slowpoke (10.5mb)
It Could Be The First (5.4 mb)

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