Lee's (Useless) Super-Hero Generator - Good for a couple of laughs. If not find your Wu Name here -
http://www.recordstore.com/cgi-bin/wuname/wuname.pl or your OZ Prison Bitch Name here - http://members.iglou.com/lyons/bitchGen.html

WizardWorld.com - OK site for news but more of a commercial site for buying and selling. On the down side do you really want to see how much your Atari Force has declined in value? Monthly and Weekly contest with great prizes. Find everything in sports cards, gaming, comics, toys, statues, and collectible card games. It has a message board for all types but topics are mainstream intensive.

Comic Book Resources - Daily updates and GREAT regulars like You'll all be sorry by Gail, a too true humerous take on the comics industry. Beau Yarbrough, Rob Worley, Steve Grant, Larry Young and Augie De Blieck contribute regular columns. There is a message board that offers a variety in topics. The interviews are always current and of the latest stories. This is the true news feed to be in the know. There is a vast amount of information to browse.

COMICON.com NEWSARAMA - Recently moved from Fandom.com/comics. Basically a message board but regulars like Peter David are posting their hot comic opinions. There are areas to repond to news stories or current topics but watch what you say and keep it in the GUTTERS. Yes there is a (almost)free-for-all) area for posting. Mature audiences ONLY! News is updated periodically throughout the day so keep checking it.

Comics 2 Film - This is the main site but Rob Worley post on Comic Book Resourses. This site has daily news and archived news, rumors and manips on any comic that was suggested to go to the screen. Manips are all fan made. Rob also publishes a weekly e-mail that keeps you informed with updates. Spend some time and see if Mort the Dead Teenage was optioned for film.

Comics Continuum - Updated daily with news of everything in the comics field. CC is always current on film and TV projects sometimes getting exclusive interviews with writers like David Goyer or Paul Dini to see what projects they are working on.

COMIXMATRIX.COM - Got Comic Art? Register here and post your work. They also offer online comics and Flash work if it is already web ready! A message board is there for arts sake.

comiXtreme - Industry news almost daily, message boards not exclusive to comics and columns o' plenty. Reviews of current books and an e-mail newsletter to sign up for. They also take polls on news and fun stuff.

digitalwebbing.com - The BEST sites for looking for talent. If your interested in working in the comic book industry post work here. This is one of the few sites that even addresses letterers. They have a variety of news but it is usually later and posted periodically through out the week. Great wallpaper, lots o' links and daily columns Monday thru Friday.

ORDERINGCOMICS - Not sure what to order from Previews? Check out Warren Ellis's Ordering Comics. Warren picks some of the over looked books that might get passed over. Check this out and make sure Awesome gets your order. If after that your not sure about the suggestions, post a query on Warren's Forum on Delphi. http://www.delphi.com/ellis/start. Delphi host forums for other creators like Brett Booth, Brain Wood, Ed Brubaker. None of these get the traffic that Warren's does. Many other creators browse the WEF, too.

PopImage - Occasional new updates, online comics, interviews, and reviews. One of the best sections is the Profile Section. It has extensive articles on specific creators with reviews of their work. This section hasn't been updated in awhile but still offers a lot for the creators that have been done.

Sequential Tart - A webzine about the comics industry, published by an eclectic band of women. It is dedicated to providing exclusive interviews, in-depth articles and the news, while working toward raisingthe awareness of women's influence in the comic industry and other realms. ST has some great articles. They cover all aspects of the comic medium that deals with women and has archived interviews for the last few years. Books, Comics, DVD, Events, Graphic Novels, Movies, Music Television are reviewed and also has a nice message board. ST also host 3 online comics.

The Comic Reader - Updated a few times a week with news. Has online comics, previews, reviews and Scott McCloud's "I Can't Stop Thinking"

X-Fan - Relocated from Fandom.com with any and all news that is X-MEN. From print to film, you can keep abreast of the latest news on everything X-Men. The site includes polls, reviews, previews, downloads, bios, message boards, and multimedia. Updated daily even though not all the updates are "eye catching". Great site for the true X-Fan.

The Comics Journal - The Comics Journal is a magazine that covers the comics medium from an arts-first perspective. They are owned and operated by Fantagraphics Books, a leading publisher of alternative comic books , collections and new work from underground comix pioneers and classic comic strip reprint volumes. OK site with a lot of online features that you won't see in the magazine. If you aren't familiar with TCJ and are into non-mainstream comic material then check this out. You won't see an overview of the history of Spider-Man's costume. It also has a message board for the more mature reader. Not a lot of online names here and again more independant talk than mainstream. News is limited here but archives some old issues material like columns, interviews, and reviews.

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